Clojure For Pros

A course for professional developers who want to, or need to, learn Clojure for their day job.

Well paid

For years Clojure has been one of the highest paid programming languages according to the Stack Overflow developer survey.

It's fun

Writing Clojure is just plain fun. Enjoy your day job again.
Reclaim your passion from the daily grind.

GPT-4 still kind of sucks at it

Scared of our new machine overlords?
At least for the foreseeable future you will have better employment prospects with Clojure.

What you'll learn

  • Clojure crash course

  • Advanced Clojure topics

  • Real world dev tasks with Clojure

  • Software architecture and design with Clojure

  • Testing Clojure programs

  • Building DevOps infrastructure for Clojure

  • Choosing the right Clojure libraries

  • Managing Clojure Projects

  • Final Project manually approved by me


Individual License



  • Video Course

  • All future updates (lifetime license)

  • Early access to videos

  • Invoices for reimbursement

  • Code samples and templates

Business License



  • Video Course

  • Unlimited Employee Licenses

  • Host Course Videos Internally

  • All Future Updates

  • Code Samples and Templates

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